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3 Ways To Style Tennis Shoes

Saturday, April 14, 2018

I recently bought a pair of white tennis shoes and they have become a staple in my wardrobe. They are so great because they match basically everything, so they are fairly simple to build outfits around. I thought I would show you guys three outfits that I love that go very well with these shoes! I hope they give you some inspiration on how to style your own white tennis shoes. If you don't have a pair, I suggest you buy some! They are such a great thing to have in your wardrobe. They match basically everything. I bought my pair at old navy, here is a similar pair! They are actually on sale. So get em while they're still in stock! 
Dress: Forever 21
Hoops: Shein
Necklace: Forever 21
Top: Goodwill (It's actually a Men's shirt! It's so comfortable. If you want a similar one go to your nearest thrift store, they always have a bunch of Men's button up shirts!) 
Shorts: Old Navy
Top: Romwe
Skirt: Shein
Sunglasses: Romwe

Six Blogger Style - Knitwear

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I just joined a collaboration with 6 girls where we all choose a theme each month, and we have to style an outfit around that theme. This month's theme was knitwear! I styled my vintage knit sweater with a vintage mini dress, cute black boots, and my favorite hat. Here is how the other girls styled their knitwear!
 This is Gabby! Her blog is https://giftofgabbyblog.org/. She has been blogging since April, and blogs mostly about lifestyle. She is 22 years old and lives in Columbus, Georgia.
This is Jody. Her knit item is her top, and beanie! I am absolutely in love with her boots. She is 46 and lives in Iowa. She has been blogging since April. She blogs about self care, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. A little bit of everything! https://its-fantabulous.com/
 This is Rosie! Her knit item is her cardigan. She is 26 and lives in the Chicago area. She is also a new blogger! She blogs mostly about style, self care, and lifestyle. www.rosypointofview.com
 This is Oendrila! Her blog is http://www.justodthings.com/. Her knit item is her black beret which she actually made! She is from India, and she blogs about food, lifestyle, and fashion.
This is Rosie! Her knit item is her adorable top. She is a new blogger like me, and she mostly blogs about motherhood, style and womanhood. Definitely check her out! http://www.radiantlyrosy.com/

In The Afternoon

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I felt like I was channeling my inner French girl in this outfit. It's equal parts vintage, and Parisian, and I love it. Everything I am wearing is thrifted besides my beret, which is from Unique Vintage. If you would like a similar look, scroll all the way down and check out the links I provided! 

October Mood Board

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Well, I would say I'm a little late with it being the last day of October and everything. But, here is my October mood board! With the weather getting chillier, I find myself starting to layer more. I absolutely adore layering, especially slip dresses. Slip dresses are so cute and fun to layer! They're also so versatile. You can dress them up, accompanied by your fave heels, or dress them down and instead of heels throw on a pair of boots. The choices are endless! I definitely suggest adding a slip dress to your wardrobe if you've not already. 

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween tonight! Eat a lot of candy for me. 

New Romantics

Monday, October 23, 2017

 So, this look is a little out of my comfort zone. It's very 1980s, and I'm usually a 1930s - 1960s kind of girl. But, I've been absolutely in love with the blazer trend happening this fall so I had to try it out for myself! If you would like to shop this look scroll all the way to the bottom of this post. 

Lately I've been a little confused about what my own personal style is, or "niche" if you will. When I started this blog I planned on focusing on just vintage style but lately I've been drawn to a whole bunch of different trends and styles.  So, I'm a little confused as to what style I should focus on. I just feel like when you're a blogger you usually are drawn to one specific "style" whether that be boho, grunge, minimalist, etc. But, I'm drawn to all of these styles and more, so it's just confusing? I don't know, I'm probably just overthinking it, as per usual. I should just blog about what I like whether that be hippie style one day, or grunge the next. So, basically what I'm saying is expect to see a whole bunch of different styles and looks soon! And don't be afraid to experiment with other looks you are interested in even if they are out of your comfort zone. Don't limit yourself! Just do you boo. 

Weekly Wishlist

Thursday, October 19, 2017

So, about 95% of my wishlist this week is from Unique Vintage. But, I have no regrets because that store is the cutest. Like, just look at this coat. This whole outfit reminded me of the Tower of Terror in Disney World, that's what drew me to it. 

If you would like to shop my wishlist scroll all the way down to the end of this post and a link to each item is down there!
These shoes though. The colors are absolutely precious. They remind me of cotton candy!
I need this 1930s inspired dress! It is so, so gorgeous.
Ok, these shoes are a work of art. They would be perfect for Halloween!
Oh, these pants. They are gorgeous and are great for lounging around in or going out!
This banana printed shirt is so 1930s, I love it!
This dress is honestly my favorite, and I wish I could afford it. Hopefully soon I'll be able to afford a little splurge because this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

I've been looking around for a cute blazer, and I loved this one! It is from H&M. I actually found one today, though. It's from Forever 21 and looks very similar to this one. 

How precious is this dress! It would make a great Wednesday Addams' costume.

Let Yourself Go

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I am loving my new pants from target! They give off such a 1930s male trousers vibe to me and I love it. It was also so fun styling an outfit around them, too. This is now my go to fall outfit! The hat is from H&M, and the top is from Kohls, but here is a similar one. 

This shoot was a win for me because I felt really awkward and slightly anxious about shooting out in front of my house. I felt like my neighbors would think I'm vain since I'm, ya know, standing outside all dressed up with a tripod and camera taking photos of myself. I persisted anyway, and barely anyone passed by my house which was a comfort to me. A neighbor was working in his yard the whole time, though, but I still stayed outside! He also didn't boo and throw rocks at me so I mean that was a plus. So basically Dominique: 1 Social Anxiety: 0. 

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