5 Essentials You Need In Your Closet This Fall

 Fall is here! And with it fabulous fall fashion.  I know sometimes it can be extremely hard to keep track of what is trending because it is always rapidly changing. There are some classic pieces, though that are here to stay, and I feel are worth investing in. 

Here is a list of those pieces I think are necessary for a fabulous Fall wardrobe! 

White Button Up Blouse

Here is a link to some fabulous button-up tops you can purchase to create your own look with. But, I recommend going to your nearest thrift store and picking up your white button up there. You get the same fabulous look for less! 

Denim Skirts

Denim skirts are another classic that are here to stay. They are extremely versatile, and an instant chic addition to any outfit! 


Blazers have been trending for a while, but right now specifically leather blazers are trending! Blazers are an instant elevation to any outfit and I am obsessed with them.  

Knee High Boots 

Channel your inner Ariana Grande and rock some gorgeous knee-high boots!

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