How To Find Your Personal Style

My own personal style has changed drastically over the past few years.  I got to a point where I honestly didn't know what I liked? I wasn't sure if I actually liked what I liked or if I was just trying to dress like people I admire.  At the end of the day, fashion isn't fun if you are just trying to replicate someone else's style.  You should be picking out pieces and putting together outfits that YOU like and not just because they are ~trendy~ or your favorite youtuber is wearing or dressing like that.  Trends are fun to follow and keep up with, but if something you don't like is trendy, you don't have to wear it.  Like that mini bag trend? I hate that. what is the purpose of a purse that you can't fit anything in? Why is that a thing? Who is buying these monstrosities? 

Useless tiny purses aside, here are a few tips for those of you like me who aren't really sure what their personal style is. Hopefully this will help you at least narrow down what style you are personally drawn to. 

1. Mood Board 

One thing I did that was super helpful was go on Pinterest, look up "Fall Outfits", "Winter Outfits" or "Women's Fashion", whatever you think is appropriate, and search through all the looks and whatever outfit that catches my eye I saved to a separate board.  I did this until I accumulated a bunch of looks, and I made myself a little mood board. I made mine on photoshop, but if you don't have access to photoshop you can just print out the looks, get yourself a poster board, and have a lil arts and crafts moment! After you created your mood board, I would just look over all the looks and see if you see any patterns to them. Are there any dominate colors? A lot of skirts pictured or dresses? Like for example my mood board I created pictured above has a lot of blacks, blazers, and sneakers incorporated in these outfits. Those are things I definitely find cute and will absolutely buying more of and wearing! 

 2. Closet Clean-Out 

Another extremely helpful thing to do is go through your closet, and first get rid of what you never wear. I myself tend to be a hoarder of clothes, but if you barely wore it in the past, and haven't touched it in months, or maybe years, it is time to get rid of it.  Also take note of what you wear a bunch, and see if you already have a specific style going on, or theme. If there is a specific outfit you feel the most stylish in, take note of it, and try and think of ways you can recreate that look and why you feel your best in it! That outfit probably represents your personal style the best. 

3. Wear What Flatters You 

Are you a short lady like me? Have an hourglass figure? What colors flatter you the most? These are all great things to find out if you want to wear clothes that are really flattering for your body type and coloring! Here is a link to an article that will help you define your body type. If you want to figure out what your coloring is go to this website!

4. Be Yourself 

Last but not least, just be yourself! Wear what makes you excited about fashion, and what makes you feel beautiful. Even if it isn't necessarily "trendy".  At the end of the day, fashion is about expressing yourself. And if you are feeling yourself in your clothing, that is all that matters!! 

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