My Faves From NYFW

Fashion Month is upon us and I for one am very excited. This week is London Fashion Week while last week was New York Fashion Week. I tried to follow all the shows closely last week and I picked out some of my favorites that I am excited to share with you guys! I've also been binging on NYFW youtube videos so basically one of my goals in life now is to go to NYFW. (I mean it's been a goal for awhile but now it has become a more urgent need.) Anyways, on to the collections! 

Alice + Olivia Spring 2020 RTW

 Oh my, this is honestly one of my favorite collections. I only have a few photos attached but the collection as a whole is full of gorgeous bright pieces as well as a few neutral pieces as well.  My favorite pieces are the neon ones, though, As pictured. They're just so bright and gorgeous I can't. I also loved how they mixed bright colors and they all just go together so well. Here is a link to the complete collection. 

Rodarte Spring 2020 RTW 

 Ugh I probably added too many photos and this article is gonna be hella long because of that but it is necessary ok. This collection was GORGEOUS. The romantic vintage vibes, the fact Rowan Blanchard is one of the models who I adore, just the whole set I can't. Click here to check out the whole collection!

Lela Rose Spring RTW 2020

 What drew me to this show was well, first off, the gorgeous petals on the runway.  I love when designers have different set ups than just a plain ol runway. The second thing that caught my eye was the first dress I have pictured.  It reminded me of a bunch of dresses I used to sell when I had my own online vintage store. I sold LOADS of collared dresses like that. So it threw me back a bit. I also loved the print on it. The other dresses have gorgeous prints and colors as well.  Here is a link to the whole collection! 

RTA Spring 2020 RTW 

This collection has the opposite aesthetic of the first three but I mean, that describes my personal style very accurately because I like a plethora of styles. Looooved the leather pieces, especially the skirt. I gotta get one of them in my wardrobe! Here is the link to the full collection! 

Monse Spring 2020 RTW 

Alrighty, unfortunately this will be my last one because if I keep going this post will be like, a million years long. What I love about this collection is that the photos were taken outside and in one of them (not pictured in this post but go here to see.) a model is holding a chicken. I don't know why that tickled me so much but I loved it. I'm also just a sucker for good fashion photography and this location is gorgeous. The clothes are gorgeous, too, though! I love the patches on the last jumpsuit, and how one of the dresses has like a canvas (????) bag attached to it. It's just lovely!

All in all, I highly recommend keeping up with the collections and such that Fashion Month spits out. Because, if they are anything like the NYFW pieces, they should be fabulous!

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