Six Blogger Style - Knitwear

I just joined a collaboration with 6 girls where we all choose a theme each month, and we have to style an outfit around that theme. This month's theme was knitwear! I styled my vintage knit sweater with a vintage mini dress, cute black boots, and my favorite hat. Here is how the other girls styled their knitwear!
 This is Gabby! Her blog is https://giftofgabbyblog.org/. She has been blogging since April, and blogs mostly about lifestyle. She is 22 years old and lives in Columbus, Georgia.
This is Jody. Her knit item is her top, and beanie! I am absolutely in love with her boots. She is 46 and lives in Iowa. She has been blogging since April. She blogs about self care, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. A little bit of everything! https://its-fantabulous.com/
 This is Rosie! Her knit item is her cardigan. She is 26 and lives in the Chicago area. She is also a new blogger! She blogs mostly about style, self care, and lifestyle. www.rosypointofview.com
 This is Oendrila! Her blog is http://www.justodthings.com/. Her knit item is her black beret which she actually made! She is from India, and she blogs about food, lifestyle, and fashion.
This is Rosie! Her knit item is her adorable top. She is a new blogger like me, and she mostly blogs about motherhood, style and womanhood. Definitely check her out! http://www.radiantlyrosy.com/


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