What's In My Jewelry Box?

  I had to clean out all of my jewelry boxes last week, because I got a brand new jewelry armoire to put my collection in instead! I was excited because I had about four jewelry boxes clogging up my dresser, and now I only have 2 so it definitely cleaned up the top of my dresser a bit! As I emptied out the boxes and organized the pieces, I realized this would be a great time to show you my collection. Ninety five percent of my pieces were found in thrift stores, and flea markets. 
I actually got the armoire at one of my favorite flea markets for only thirty dollars. It is beautiful and in wonderful condition, so it was definitely worth it.   
As you probably already can see, I have a brooch addiction. They are just so classy and can give any outfit a lovely vintage feel!
Here are some of my very lovely brooches in their brand new home!
I got this beautiful mermaid necklace during one of my many beach trips last summer!

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