Weekly Wishlist

So, about 95% of my wishlist this week is from Unique Vintage. But, I have no regrets because that store is the cutest. Like, just look at this coat. This whole outfit reminded me of the Tower of Terror in Disney World, that's what drew me to it. 

If you would like to shop my wishlist scroll all the way down to the end of this post and a link to each item is down there!
These shoes though. The colors are absolutely precious. They remind me of cotton candy!
I need this 1930s inspired dress! It is so, so gorgeous.
Ok, these shoes are a work of art. They would be perfect for Halloween!
Oh, these pants. They are gorgeous and are great for lounging around in or going out!
This banana printed shirt is so 1930s, I love it!
This dress is honestly my favorite, and I wish I could afford it. Hopefully soon I'll be able to afford a little splurge because this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

I've been looking around for a cute blazer, and I loved this one! It is from H&M. I actually found one today, though. It's from Forever 21 and looks very similar to this one. 

How precious is this dress! It would make a great Wednesday Addams' costume.

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