Let Yourself Go

I am loving my new pants from target! They give off such a 1930s male trousers vibe to me and I love it. It was also so fun styling an outfit around them, too. This is now my go to fall outfit! The hat is from H&M, and the top is from Kohls, but here is a similar one. 

This shoot was a win for me because I felt really awkward and slightly anxious about shooting out in front of my house. I felt like my neighbors would think I'm vain since I'm, ya know, standing outside all dressed up with a tripod and camera taking photos of myself. I persisted anyway, and barely anyone passed by my house which was a comfort to me. A neighbor was working in his yard the whole time, though, but I still stayed outside! He also didn't boo and throw rocks at me so I mean that was a plus. So basically Dominique: 1 Social Anxiety: 0. 

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