Childlike Faith

When I was a little kid, I had this dream. I would pace up and down the hallway where the door to our playroom was five times. And on the fifth try, I opened the door to our playroom, and instead of our modest and slightly messy playroom, what laid behind that door was a shimmering new playroom. I don't remember exactly what it looked like because I was maybe 4 when I had this dream, but what I do remember is everything somehow shimmered, and was the nicest, softest pink. and there was a lovely window seat right under the window. The next morning I woke up, determined to make this dream come true. I paced up and down the hallway 5 times, opened the door to our playroom with hopeful expectation, and nothing changed. I tried this several times until finally I gave up, disappointed and slightly sad.

The beauty of this story is how with all of my heart I believed I would be able to change my playroom with just wishful thinking and simply pacing up and down the hallway. As I grew up,  a spirit of cynicism took over my mind, and I barely can remember the last time I believed in something as ludicrous and wholeheartedly as that without any hint of doubt. Now, my mind is filled with doubts, especially when it comes to God and his promises to me. No matter how many times he tells me something, a small part of me still doubts. Why is that? This is why we are called as Christians to have a childlike faith. Because children are so innocent. They believe in things wholeheartedly, passionately, and without any hint of doubt. No matter how far fetched or impossible it may be. When is the last time you believed in something like that? Whether it be something God is trying to tell you, or in God Himself. I know for me, it's very difficult to believe and trust that strongly without any hint of doubt. Maybe it is for you, too. All I know is that God is faithful, He is truth, and He never changes. Everything He says and does yesterday, He will say and do today. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn't change. So that means His word and His promises don't change. He has been teaching me that day by day lately, and is working on removing the roots of cynicism that have grown inside of me over the years. What is the Lord trying to reveal to you that you are having trouble believing? Please don't be like me and let doubt drown out the soft whispers of truth God is speaking to you. Choose to listen to him, you won't regret it.

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