Nineteen Thirty Seven

A surprise visitor! 
I am seriously in love with my new dress. It is authentic vintage from the 1930s and I just want to wear it forever. I've been wanting to own a dress from the 30s for awhile, since it is my absolute favorite decade, but they were either too small, too fragile, or too expensive for me. I finally found this one while browsing eBay and I love it! I thought it would be a little too tight because of how its buttoned, but it fits me perfectly! I paired it with a white belt from another one of my dresses, and a pair of white loafers I found at a flea market this past Saturday! I was looking for a pair of white loafers for awhile as well, so, I was extremely excited when I found them and they fit perfectly! They were also only 4 dollars which was glorious in itself. 

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