My Weekly Favorites

This week's Weekly Favorites is more like a Wish List post since 90% of it is clothing or accessories I admire. Oh well! Same concept ok.
I want a hat like this so bad! I hope to find one I love by this spring, since I feel like this is a very spring/summer hat. 

                                               Etsy                                                       Etsy
I am absolutely in LOVE with knit dresses and tops from the 30s/40s. Especially the dresses. I want one so bad, hopefully someday I'll be able to afford one!
                                  Lily Jarlsson                                                                    Instagram

I absolutely adore the vintage beret look these ladies have going on. I can't wait to recreate it in one of my own outfits! It's also awesome berets are actually in this season. I don't usually follow fashion trends, but, it makes me laugh when something I'm into ends up being a trend. 
I really appreciated this quote because there is absolutely nothing about me that is subtle. I'm kind of loud, and wacky. It's something I can be very self conscious about. And something I am trying to learn not to be self conscious about, since it's how God made me to be! 
Ugh, I am seriously in love with this Disney's Haunted Mansion inspired skirt! What an awesome Disney Bound this would be.
I've been looking for an adorable white cardigan with flowers embroidered on it for awhile, and I actually found one at goodwill for only 4 dollars! This one is very similar to the one I purchased. 
I am in love with this hostess gown from the 1930s. I wish it was my size! 

Aren't these Disney World inspired pins adorable?! I need them for my next trip to Disney.

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