Editorials: Game Over

One of my absolute favorite things are arcades.  Maybe it's the bright lights and array of colors that envelope you as soon as you enter. The various sounds and bustle of activity.  I've been in love with arcades ever since I was younger.  I visited Walt Disney World a bunch of times as a child and they have a ton of arcades.  I didn't ride too many rides back then because I was a wimp so instead I would meet all of the characters I could and go to all the arcades throughout the parks.  That's probably where my love of arcades came from, my frequent visits at Disney World. 

Arcades, in my opinion, are a perfect spot for a photo shoot.  All of the games and bright colors make a wonderful background for a photo.  Unfortunately, there aren't too many arcades around where I live so I've not yet taken any photos at one but I plan on it as soon as I find one close!  I found a few gorgeous photos from photo shoots at arcades that I wanted to share.  They've definitely inspired me to go out and find an arcade to shoot in as soon as possible!

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