Style Crush: Melanie Martinez

I've been a fan of Melanie Martinez ever since I saw her on The Voice in 2012.  I was fascinated by her one of a kind voice and adored her signature bows she'd wear in her hair each week. Now three years and a debut album later she is making her mark on the music and fashion world with her hit record "Cry Baby" and unique sense of style.

Melanie's style is heavily inspired by childhood themes such as vintage nursery decor and toys.(which she collects!) A hint of the Japanese street style Lolita can be seen in her ensembles.  Bows, peter-pan collars, and pastel colors are a staple to Lolita fashion and are a recurring theme in Melanie's outfits.  What I love about Melanie's whole aesthetic is how she seamlessly blends contrasting themes.  Each track on "Cry Baby" is named after a topic that relates to childhood innocence.  Once you listen to the lyrics, though you realize the situations being referred to are much more mature than you'd expect.  Especially when listening to a track titled, "Sippy Cup".  I feel that the same type of contrast can be seen in her style as well with her frequent pairing of dark lipstick, lace bows, creepy head necklaces, and fluffy platform sandals.

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