Happy Birthday A Petite Flower Vintage! | Top 5 Favorite Items From 2015

Yesterday A Petite Flower Vintage turned 1 years old! I thought a lovely way to celebrate it's birthday and the start of the new year would be to share with you all my top 5 favorite items. I remember when I first opened A Petite Flower Vintage I only had about 11 items for sale.  Most of them were pretty random and some honestly a little ugly.  (I was still learning ok!!) Except for this one dress. 
This dress holds a special lil place in my heart because it's the first item I sold ever on A Petite Flower Vintage.  I remember I was so proud when I finally sold an item because it took about two months.  It's also obviously adorable which makes it hard not to be one of my favorites. 
This lovely 1960s dress is one of my favorites because for one, it's beautiful. I especially adore the lace collar. Second, because it was the perfect dress for a photoshoot at one of my favorite places, The Boardwalk at Walt Disney World.  This is probably one of my favorite photoshoots that I've ever done because it helped me conquer my anxiety about taking photos of myself in very public places.  And if you've ever been to The Boardwalk or just Disney World in general, you know there is rarely ever a spot devoid of people. 
This dress made my favorites list for obvious reasons.  It's adorable and it just screams "The 80s" to me.  I happened upon this gem at a goodwill & I was and still am extremely proud of this find.
I found this gorgeous dress from the 1960s on ebay and I remember bidding on it thinking I would have to fight for it but, surprisingly I was the only bidder!  This is the perfect dress for all you boho babes out there & I am surprised someone hasn't snatched it up yet.  
Yes, I know, I'm cheating by having two for my last favorite but I just couldn't choose ok. The lovely lil dress on the left is from the 1980s and it's one of my favorites because it's so flouncy.  I felt like a fairy when I was wearing it.  Also, the colors and the floral pattern are just beautiful.  The dress on the right is also from the 1980s.  I love this dress because it's basically the most twirlable dress I've ever worn.  I spent maybe 20 minutes twirling in it & I have about 50 photos of me twirling because I just couldn't stop! 

I hope everyone has a happy & safe New Years! I hope 2016 is full of growth & new possibilities for you.

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