Lookbook: Nasty Gal

A few days ago I was paging through one of my old copies of Teen Vogue when I came across an interview with the founder & CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. This article immediately caught my attention. Maybe it was because of my usual fascination with articles that tell the story of people within the fashion business, or maybe it was because I had a faint memory of hearing the name "Nasty Gal" before. Nevertheless, I was hooked. What really has stuck with me from this article, though, is how Nasty Gal came to be.  It started out as a cute lil ebay shop which sold only vintage clothes. It then grew majorly over the years to a shop that not only sells lovely vintage clothes, but sells pieces from many different designers, has two beautiful shops in California, and even has their own line of clothing which was launched in 2012. I find it really inspiring that a humble online shop can turn into a thriving, successful business just as Nasty Gal has.
The photos below are from a lookbook titled "From Faraway Nearby" I found on the Nasty Gal site. This lookbook features classic bohemian looks with a western and tribal twist.  I love the loose shapes and delicate embroidery featured in these pieces.

Go here for more from this lookbook and to purchase these lovely articles of clothing.

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