The Summer of 1969

            Dress: Vintage
                       Shoes: H&M            
            Sunglasses: Icing

Here is the last batch of photos from my week at the beach.  I actually took these first but since these are my favorite I wanted to post them last! I am absolutely in love with this dress. It just looks like the ultimate summer dress will all of its bright colors and florals. This shoot was so fun for me.  It was my first time taking self portrait photos in awhile and I realized how much I missed it. 

This week I started looking for a job and it's honestly more frustrating than I thought it would be. I looked a little last month and applied to a few places but I never got any responses so I waited until I came back from vacation to start looking again. Filling out applications is a pain and the majority of places require experience which I have very little of. I spent all day yesterday filling out applications online and now i'm going to wait a weekish before filling out more applications. The waiting and uncertainty is what kills me too. I hate waiting, and not knowing if someone is gonna call me or not. Which is kind of silly but the unpredictability of it is was freaks me out the most.  I just pray I get a job soon. I need the money and it'll be nice having someplace to go throughout the week. Maybe one of these days I'll make enough money selling my vintage clothes that I won't need another job. that would be lovely. hehe.

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