My Top Four Favorite Photos of 2014

Since it's still the beginning of 2015 and all, I thought I would post four of my favorite photos that I created last year!!!!! 
 Cupid's Arrow 
This photo is probably my favorite because the concept is something that is extremely personal to me & I feel like I executed it pretty well. 

Take to the Air 
I love this photo because taking self portraits at sunset has proven to be pretty difficult for me & this was the first photo I've taken at sunset that I can actually say i'm proud of. 

I'm just really proud of the way I edited this photo & how pretty it turned out to be. I love how colorful and soft it is. 

On Looking Ahead
This is another photo where the concept is a favorite of mine.  This photo was extremely relevant to the stage of life I was in when I created it.  I always feel slightly more proud of photos where the concept is something extremely personal to me. Especially if I feel like I executed it well. 

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