Behind The Photo: Isolation

I've honestly been really slacking on my photography game lately. Even though i'm right in the middle of a 52 weeks project I've just not been feeling that creative or motivated when it comes to my photos.  I've just been going through the motions & I've not been that inspired at all. This week, though, I looked out my window and I saw that it was snowing.  I remembered how two years ago if I saw it was snowing I would immediately get extremely excited, grab my camera & go shoot something.  I originally planned to just take something inside for this week but instead I decided to screw it and I went out in my backyard and laid in the snow.  Even though by the time I was done my whole body was completely numb, it was invigorating and it made me realize how much I missed doing crazy things for a photo. This shoot inspired me to break free from my creative rut and really start trying with my photography again. 

I usually like to let a photo speak for itself.  Especially since I find it so hard describing how I feel.  That's kind of why I started photographing.  It helps me express my feelings without having to say anything.  I also like letting my viewers interpret my photos however they like.  That's another thing I appreciate about photography, and art in general really, is that one work of art can mean so many different things.  It just depends on how the viewer decides to interpret it!!!! Anyway, to make the concept explanation short & sweet, this photo is basically inspired by the feelings of loneliness I've been wrestling with lately.   

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