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My Weekly Favorites

Friday, September 29, 2017

This week's Weekly Favorites is more like a Wish List post since 90% of it is clothing or accessories I admire. Oh well! Same concept ok.
I want a hat like this so bad! I hope to find one I love by this spring, since I feel like this is a very spring/summer hat. 

                                               Etsy                                                       Etsy
I am absolutely in LOVE with knit dresses and tops from the 30s/40s. Especially the dresses. I want one so bad, hopefully someday I'll be able to afford one!
                                  Lily Jarlsson                                                                    Instagram

I absolutely adore the vintage beret look these ladies have going on. I can't wait to recreate it in one of my own outfits! It's also awesome berets are actually in this season. I don't usually follow fashion trends, but, it makes me laugh when something I'm into ends up being a trend. 
I really appreciated this quote because there is absolutely nothing about me that is subtle. I'm kind of loud, and wacky. It's something I can be very self conscious about. And something I am trying to learn not to be self conscious about, since it's how God made me to be! 
Ugh, I am seriously in love with this Disney's Haunted Mansion inspired skirt! What an awesome Disney Bound this would be.
I've been looking for an adorable white cardigan with flowers embroidered on it for awhile, and I actually found one at goodwill for only 4 dollars! This one is very similar to the one I purchased. 
I am in love with this hostess gown from the 1930s. I wish it was my size! 

Aren't these Disney World inspired pins adorable?! I need them for my next trip to Disney.

The Last Whispers Of Summer

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Someone needs to tell the weather it is almost October and supposed to be Fall. I don't think it has gotten that memo, since it felt like I was taking photos on the surface of the sun today. It was so HOT. So, if you're wondering why I look all sweaty and my hair is all wacky that is the reason.  

One of my favorite local vintage clothing shops had a 50% off sale recently and I got a ton of beautiful dresses. This lil lady was one of them. It is so the perfect summer dress, I wish I found it earlier! Still, it was the perfect dress for today since it was definitely Summer weather. I must admit, though, I am craving Fall. I have so many cute sweaters I am dying to wear that I can't wait for the cooler weather! What is your favorite thing about Fall? Mine is obviously the lovely weather. My favorite seasons are the mild ones. When the weather isn't too hot or too cold, when its just perfect.

 Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Aldo 
Headband - Icing

A Petite Flower Vintage | Fall Favorites

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Need a fall wardrobe refreshing? Here is a selection of lovely pieces from my shop A Petite Flower Vintage that are perfect for this Fall season! We have a whole section in our shop dedicated to fall trends, and these are a few of my favorites from that section! To check out the full collection click here
Channel your inner Jackie from That 70s Show in this vintage 70s mini floral day dress! With its red skirt and floral bodice, mini length, and waist cinching belt, this dress is comfortable yet stylish! Perfect for Halloween, or just for a day out. Zips up smoothly in the back, and is unlined. Click here to purchase and for more details! 
Who is in need of a quirky yet adorable sweater? This novelty print sweater from the 90s is just waiting to be someone's go to cardigan for those upcoming chilly days! click here for more details.
This is one of my favorites! It is so the perfect fall dress. With its brown tones, long sleeves, and sparkles, it is perfect to dress up or for everyday! Pair this dress with some brown boots and you'll be ready to go. Click on the link for more details.
Western vibes are in this fall season and what gives off more western vibes than an authentic leather vest? Wear this with a pair of brown booties, and high waisted jeans, and you'll have the perfect everyday outfit! You can also wear this with a boho style dress if you want to dress it up a little. Click on the link for more details.
This vintage 70s maxi casual prairie dress is your perfect go to for some serious Little House On The Prairie vibes! With one of the flounciest skirts, brown gingham pattern on the long sleeves and skirt, and a zipper in the back that zips up smoothly. This long hippie day dress has an empire waist with a green bodice and a red trimmed neckline and waist. This would be the perfect Halloween costume! Click here for more details.

Nineteen Thirty Seven

Monday, September 25, 2017

A surprise visitor! 
I am seriously in love with my new dress. It is authentic vintage from the 1930s and I just want to wear it forever. I've been wanting to own a dress from the 30s for awhile, since it is my absolute favorite decade, but they were either too small, too fragile, or too expensive for me. I finally found this one while browsing eBay and I love it! I thought it would be a little too tight because of how its buttoned, but it fits me perfectly! I paired it with a white belt from another one of my dresses, and a pair of white loafers I found at a flea market this past Saturday! I was looking for a pair of white loafers for awhile as well, so, I was extremely excited when I found them and they fit perfectly! They were also only 4 dollars which was glorious in itself. 

September Mood Board

Saturday, September 23, 2017

I've been loving the look of 1930s / 1940s skirt and top outfits lately. My two favorite decades actually are the 30s and 40s, and I've been trying to incorporate 1930s & 1940s style into my own wardrobe. I was never one to wear skirts and tops for some odd reason? My go to has always been dresses, but, lately I've caught myself purchasing more tops and skirts, because they were an outfit staple in these decades, and like I said previously I've been trying to dress more vintage. It's fun adding more variety to my wardrobe, though! I'm still a sucker for dresses, though, and half of my wardrobe just is dresses.

The Waiting Room

"He is the Lord, let Him do what seems good to Him." 1 Samuel 3:18
"No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God. Fully convinced convinced that God was able to do what He had promised." Romans 4:20-21
It seems as if restlessness has made a permanent home in my heart. My hands ache to grasp onto the thing I am waiting for, while my mind races at the possibilities, the maybes, and the almosts. Doubt floods my mind, and the worst possible scenarios have been leaking in more often than not lately. I'm tired. I'm tired of wrestling with God. I'm tired of demanding answers and certainty when He's already given that to me. What more do I need?  God is truth, so His promises are truth. It is therefore impossible for Him to lie. When He tells us something, it is fact. It is so hard for me to grasp this. 

What if I heard Him wrong? What if I made this all up in my head? I pray about it constantly. I pray that God would take it from me if this isn't real, and if this is all a figment of my imagination. "If this is not from you, Lord, rid me of it." I have prayed probably ten billion times these past few years. He, instead of taking it keeps giving me little glimpses of hope, and tastes of the future. Which causes me to flail and try and grasp all the more, instead of being thankful for the little blessings and ways He tries to sustain me through this process. 

I sometimes laugh at how hand tailored this situation is for me.  Two of the things I struggle with the most is waiting on God, and doubt. This season of waiting I am in challenges both of my capacities for patience, and trust. But has grown me so much. I am weary, but I am stronger in the Lord because of this. I'm still struggling. Struggling to trust, struggling to be patient, struggling not to try and control the situation. But, compared to three years ago I am a different person. I am learning that the reason God is putting me through this, and puts us through anything, is to grow us and draw us closer to Him. Sometimes changes in us can't come about unless He throws us into a trial of sorts. Whether that be a season of waiting and silence, or something more serious like an illness. We all have our stuff, and thankfully God doesn't allow anything to happen to us without Him using that trial for whatever purpose He has. He doesn't let anything go to waste. Your whole life is stitched together by Him, every occurrence, every breath is full of purpose. That is something to be thankful for. I find rest and assurance in that fact while I am still in the midst of my season of waiting. I pray you do too.
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