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A Splash of Warmth

Monday, February 9, 2015

Yesterday afternoon it was actually pretty outside. The sun was in & out but it was nice for a change being able to stand outside without freezing to death. Since it was so pleasant out, I decided I should take advantage of the lovely weather & take some photos of the outfit I wore that day. The dress I'm wearing actually got shrunk in the washer but luckily I can still wear it. It kind of shrunk weird. Like, it basically just got shorter (when usually when things shrink they shrink everywhere and not just in length??????), so, now I can't wear it without leggings or tights but that's ok because it's still cute!!!!!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

This is my first official post with my new template! I really wanted a layout that was less cluttered than my last and the focus was more on the posts.  I felt like in my old one the sidebar and all the other extra junk made my blog look messy and took away from the actual posts.  I especially like how the about me section and other extra stuff is on the bottom instead of the side. It looks much cleaner that way and less crowded.
I hope you all had wonderful weeks! 
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